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    Debt Negotiation Specialist Reviews

    Consumer Debt Help Association, LLC helped me recover from the mistakes of my 20s in just 3 years. They took my money monthly and provided me with consistent contact. If I had any questions, the answers were there. If I felt embarrassed or ashamed, I received no judgement or additional stress. If a particular month was too difficult to get through, the representatives never made me feel pressured or judged for cancelling a payment. The staff, specifically Carol, we friendly and always empathetic. The weight off my shoulders is fabulous, and I would recommend Consumer Debt Help Association, LLC to anyone who thinks they are too deep into financial troubles.”

    Justin S. / Merchant Circle

    National Consumer Debt Help I would highly recommend to anyone who has multiple credit card debts. They were so helpful and kind. Marie wad my agent v and I became friends with her, she is now retired and I wish her the best. Everyone I have dealt with has been very professional. I especially appreciate the total transparency about how Debt Settlement program works and how easy it was regarding the debt program. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing consumer debt was there by my side and so caring and helpful. It was a no brainer with no money, if Consumer Debt relief does not settle your debt. Now I can sleep better knowing I’m debt free. Again thanks!!!”

    Mary S. / Merchant Circle

    Relief from credit card debt is only a call or click away - Contact a Debt Negotiation Specialist today!

    My husband and I are extremely happy and proud of the work Consumer Debt Help has done for us. This group far exceeds others because of their quality of work, their professionalism, and their ability to resolve your debt problems in a timely fashion. They have knowledgeable and friendly staff that knows what is going on with your case at all times and are available to your every need regarding your situation. It took us a while to find them but I am so glad we did. No one wants to deal with debt problems but if you have too, They are for you! Hopefully, we will never have to consolidate our debt again, but if we do, we will go back to them in a heartbeat!”

    Adams L. / Merchant Circle

    Consumer Debt Help Association was a very good program for me. I was drowning in credit card debt, because of a bad relationship. And I had a lot of debt that was piled up, and I was getting sunk under. I wasn’t really gaining a foothold on my actual debt amount with the payments I was making. I wasn’t really getting anywhere. I was just like give and take. And then, I heard about this Debt Relief program through a Friend. I was able to consolidate my credit cards in to one lump sum payment, that I was able to afford, and now I am debt free after 4 years in the program. I would definitely recommend Consumer Debt Help’s program for anyone who needs help getting out of debt.”

    Amy S. / Better Business Bureau

    Contact a Debt Negotiation Specialist today!

    I have found Consumer Debt Help’s debt settlement program to be very straightforward and effective. I feel in obtaining debt settlements they have their client’s best interests in the forefront and work hard to get the very best deal they possibly can. Anytime you have questions you get straight answers very quickly provided. I have never once regretted enrolling in their program. As I wanted to work through my debt in as quick a time as possible I signed on for a shorter payback period and, although tough at times, I am ecstatic to be able to say I AM DEBT FREE!!! Thank you to Consumer Debt Help Association. I would very highly recommend this company!”

    Pam F. / Merchant Circle

    We would really like to take the time too thank you guys for the great service that you provided to my wife and myself. They were easy to get a hold of. I didn’t feel like I was going to be out on a whim. Every time I called, I could get straight to a person. I didn’t feel like when I dealt with them, we where just a number or no one cared. Their patience and your honesty educating us about the debt settlement process was really a great thing that is needed in this world today. I know I can’t say enough to explain to you how happy we are that we chose your company (Consumer Debt Help Association) again, thank you guys so much. Our credit scores now (720)… Wow!!!”

    Freddie / Merchant Circle