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Consumer Debt Help Association - Debt Negotiation and Settlement Firm

Achieve Financial Freedom Through Debt Negotiation and Settlement

We are a debt negotiation and settlement firm with over 15 years of financial experience. We deal with collection agencies, credit card companies, banks, etc.and have a great rapport and track record of effective settlements with them. We work strictly on a performance basis, no results, no fee, therefore this is a win-win situation.

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What types of debt do we negotiate?

We are proud to have a strong team of certified debt negotiators. We are able to negotiate most unsecured debts, and are especially successful with major credit card issuers and banks. This is extremely helpful as most of our clients have significant credit card balances.

We’re also able to negotiate:

Credit Cards

Credit cards utilize a revolving debt system which means that you can continue to borrow monthly, as long as you repay enough. This debt requires you to stay under a set limit.

Lines of Credit & Personal Loans

A line of credit is similar to a credit card in that you are given access to funds up to a set limit. With a line of credit, you borrow as needed up to your limit. A personal loan is money lent to a person, typically with a fixed interest rate.

Some Student Debts

If a federal student loan has had past due payments for 270 days it is considered in default. Lenders require your student loans to be in or near default before starting negotiations for debt settlement. Private student loans very in time lines for default with the average being 120 days.

Medical Bills

Medical debt differs from other forms of debt as it is typically incurred by accident. This debt is the money owed due to health care costs as well as related expenses. Please contact us to learn about the consequences of choosing to pay off your medical debt with credit cards.

Charge Off & Repossessions

These two terms are not inter-relatable. A repossession is when a vehicle is taken and returned to the financier. A charge off is when the vehicle that money is owed on cannot be recovered. In this case, the loan valance is written off as bad debt.

Business Debts

A loan that is given when a company needs money for operating needs is a business debt. This method of financing comes with a promise to repay the loan. This debt can be either priority or non-priority, with priority creditors having much stronger powers to get their money back.

We’re not able to negotiate:

IRS Debt & Back Taxes

If you currently owe the IRS any money, this is considered tax debt. This is debt that we are unable to negotiate. This is regardless of if you filed your taxes on time.

Utility Bills

Utility bills are made up of those services used in the home, namely electric, gas, water and garbage disposal. Since cable and internet are almost the standard in American homes, these bills are also considered utilities.


Creditors sometimes take the legal route and file a lawsuit for debt owed. This is an extremely effective form of debt collection as once a judgement is made, creditors can then garnish wages, place a lien on property as well as seizing funds from your banking accounts.

Auto Loans & Government Loans

An auto loan is one that is taken out when purchasing a car. Any loan that is subsidized by the government is a government backed loan. These loans are often offered to borrowers at lower interest rates as there are systems in place to protect lenders against defaults on payments.

Mortgage or Home Loans

When purchasing a home, the contract between a borrower and a lender is known as a mortgage. A mortgage or home loan is used for the purchase of any type of dwelling. When the homeowner stops paying the mortgage, this is known as a foreclosure and the home is now deeded to the bank.

Other Secured Debt

What makes a debt secure? This is when the borrower pledges some asset as collateral for the loan. The debt is now secure since the collateral is set up invade of failure to pay the debt. Unsecured debt is based on the borrower’s promise to pay as well as credit worthiness.

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We know that every case is unique and that your particular situation needs a personalized approach that works with your financial situation. We invite you to research our company and read reviews from our past clients. We work extremely hard for our customers and stand by our work. We hope you will give us the opportunity to provide you with the same proven results we've provided to these customers:

Consumer Debt Help saved me from drowning in debt…due to my husband passing and trying to help my sick sister medically. They are an awesome business with employees who really care. My contact person was absolutely great! She kept me informed as to what was going on at all times. Sometimes we all need help for whatever reason so if debt is your problem reach out to these people and let them help!”

– Stephanie C.

At first I was scared to speak with Consumer Debt Help Association, but it turned out to be one of the best things I have decided to do. They helped me work through paying off my credit cards. I am so thankful with this company and Jason. He didn’t pressure or harass me, he called every month to check…and I mean every month to see if I had any questions or concerns. I did pay for the attorney fee’s just in case if anything went wrong. I recommend this company to anyone who [is] in need to clean up their credit.”

– Marianita J.

I had a very good experience with Consumer Debt Help. I completed the program in less time than anticipated. The customer service was outstanding and kept me informed throughout the process. It was very easy to get in touch with them when I had questions. I am now debt free and they even gave me great advice about my taxes after the fact. I highly recommend this company and it feels good to be debt free. Thank you!”

– Miriam G.

Betty Becker

“Consumer Debt Help Association is completely honest and reliable. They do all the work, negotiating with the creditors and settling debt at the least cost to you. Their fee is based on the amount of debt you have and is fair and less expensive than what I was paying the creditors. Staff is always courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. Call them today!”

Betty Becker 7 months ago

Robin Critelli

“I am so happy that I found this company! I am now free of all credit card debt and have been for over four years thanks to Consumer Debt Help Association. Their guidance and support helped me so much. My husband an I can finally enjoy our retirement without the fear of all that debt while living on a fixed income. Thank you Consumer Debt Help Association!”

Robin Critelli 10 months ago

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BBB A+ Accredited Debt Negotiation and Settlement Business

Debt Negotiation and Settlement Reviews

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I just wanted to reach out to give my review. It happens often that good things go unnoticed but I want to make an effort of awarding and recognizing something that did fantastic at eliminating and lifting this huge weight of debt off my shoulders.

Long story short husband and I had multiple cards that we used for our wedding had most paid off within the following year, but after giving birth to our son a year after the wedding we used them again to cover costs and bills while I was out of work. Trying to go back to our hectic work lives we realized we didn’t have dependable care for him. So as a mother I decided to cut back working and tend to his needs.

Then the financial debt shows its ugly face. We no longer could afford to pay all our credit cards and loans and struggled for months until finally after a long time digging and searching I found consumer debt help LLC (through BBB) fast forward two years in officially out of the financial strife I was living in before and we are looking to relocate and purchase a home. I recommend them to anyone who mentions being in debt. Thank you so much!!!”

Tiffany U. / Merchant Circle

Consumer Debt Help overall has to be the very best company that I have ever dealt with on any level. They didn’t just take my money and do nothing. I received frequent phone calls asking if I had any questions and/or providing me with information. My questions through out this process were answered promptly. Of course at first, I was hesitant to enroll in this program. It ended up saving me a lot of headaches and now I am debt free!”

Donna R. / Better Business Bureau

Credit Card Debt Relief is only a call or click away

Consumer Debt Help Association, was one the best things I have done in my life. They helped me work through paying off 6 credit cards over $50K in 3 and half years.

I am so impressed with this company. They did not pressure me, they did not harass me, They called every month, and I mean every month to check on me and see if I had any questions or concerns. They assisted in a legal matter I had with one of the credit cards. I did not have any attorney fee’s or court fees, They HANDLED IT ALL.

I would so highly recommend this company to anyone who is needing to clean up their credit. I did have to commit to making the payments religiously, which I did. They handled issues that came up with my husband’s work. I absolutely love Carol and Angela, who handled my account.”

Cynthia R. / Better Business Bureau

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