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settle my credit card debt with CitiBankAre you trying to settle your credit card debt with CitiBank? Before you jump into the process of settling your credit card debt with CitiBank, it’s important to have an understanding of the company you’re up against. Samuel Oshkosh founded, and was president of City Bank of New York in 1812. The bank was initially used as a treasury and provided financial services for the owner’s business. In 1863 Citi joined forces with US banking system and shortly after became one of the country’s largest banks. Today Citibank is worth $275 billion! Even more impressive is that it is part of Citigroup which holds assets totaling $1.8 trillion and has over 200 million customers.

Settle my debt with Citi Bank

As you can see, CityBank is a hugely successful company. Settling your credit card debt on your own is very challenging! Luckily Consumer Debt Help Association has formed great relationships with CitiBank. Let us work with you and fight on your behalf to get your debt paid off!

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Want results? Choose us! It’s a win win situation for you as there are no upfront fees. We work strictly on performance which means you have nothing to lose. Don’t just take our word for it- read the testimonials of our customers who have all found success with our debt program.

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We are not amateurs in this field and have over 15 years of financial experience with a proven track record. We work closely with banks, credit card companies and collection companies. Let our years of experience and strength in relationships work in your favor.

Proven Debt Settlement Results from City Bank \ Citigroup

Consumer Debt Help Association get results! Simple as that. Our thousands of customers can attest to our success rates. Please keep in mind that our program is only for customers who successfully meet all criteria. Read about some of our happy customers’ stories who were able to settle their debt with City Bank credit card Financial department

$12,688.36 $3,200.00 $9,488.36 How to settle my credit card balance?
$4,997.93 $1,750.00 $3,247.93 City Bank Settlement letter
$5,685.40 $1,421.35 $4,265.05 How do I settle with my Credit Card company
$6,851.73 $2,400.00 $4,451.73 How to settle my credit card with Citi Bank?
$10,268.92 $3,594.12 $6,674.80 CitiBank's Debt Settlement
$3,299.47 $1,320.00 $1,979.47 How to settle with a department store debt?

Settle my Debt with CitiBank?

We share these positive success stories as they are true and we want you to feel comfortable knowing we have your best interest at heart. We must disclose that not every case is as easy as some and not all settlements are perfect. Different companies have different financial capabilities and the negotiation process is unique to each company. Being that there is no fixed debt settlement formula, every situation is unique. It’s important to have realistic goals. As always, we will do our very best to get you the most favorable outcome.

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68% Synchrony

67% Amazon

62% Chase

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